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03 Apr

Payment Protection Program Application

Dhaval Chokshi
SBA, Payment protection program, Cache Valley Bank
04 Oct

Dhaval Chokshi
TheHotelMart, hospitality marketplace
17 Sep

Labor cost saving by efficiently tracking it

Dhaval Chokshi
How can one save labor costs without efficiently tracking it? Our product HelloGM, provides seamless tracking of labor on daily basis.
21 Aug

Online Time clock with Face Recognition – Easy payroll integration

Dhaval Chokshi
  HelloGM partners with Lathem to provide online Face recognition time clock integrated with HelloGM labor analysis. This seamless integration provides labor analysis without need for entering data. Online time clock benefits – timeclock access from anywhere/anytime Seamless integrations with most of the payroll systems Avoid buddy punching Seamless Monitoring of Cost per occupied rooms, […]
09 Jul

HelloGM Labor Analysis

Dhaval Chokshi
Labor expense is most significant part of hotel operating expenses. By tracking and optimizing labor costs a difference can be made on bottom line. The challenge here is how to collect and make sense out of all the data without doing manual data entries and manual analysis. With HelloGM, we integrated labor analysis within our […]
18 Jun

HelloGM Guest Sentiments

Dhaval Chokshi
Guest reviews sentiments
12 Jun

HelloGM Auto Credit Card Reconciliation

Dhaval Chokshi
Credit Card Reconciliation for Hotels
01 Jan

Technology gap in Hospitality!

Dhaval Chokshi
Hospitality industry is very advance in technology. Most of the big hotel names are providing Mobile apps for room booking, very advance Property Management Systems and integration with different peripherals with latest technologies (like credit card machines with chip readers, locks with key less entries). Hotel furniture and equipment are also upgraded as per latest
26 Dec

Credit Card Settlements

Dhaval Chokshi
As a owner of multiple properties, credit card reconciliation is a mundane but daily mandatory tasks for me. Most of us will take the deposits from credit card companies as granted and will consider that there can’t be any issues in deposits from credit card settlements or any errors from credit card settlement companies. However