Labor expense is most significant part of hotel operating expenses. By tracking and optimizing labor costs a difference can be made on bottom line. The challenge here is how to collect and make sense out of all the data without doing manual data entries and manual analysis.

With HelloGM, we integrated labor analysis within our platform. Labor statistics can be tracked on daily basis without tedious data entries. Track labor hours, costs, cost per occupied rooms and cost as % of revenue for daily, monthly or yearly basis. Check variance with your budget. Compare between your hotels to identify which hotel needs attention for improvements. Also, track your current pay period over time hours, minutes per room right from your mobile or any other device.

Here is a sample screen shot showing daily, MTD or YTD key indicators for labor performance. Labor performance can be measured per department or group of department (Divisions). All these indicators can be compared between your hotels. Variance is shown against budget.

Here is another screen shot showing your over time status for this pay period or for this month. Room attendant minutes per rooms cleaned also can be tracked.

Leave us your feedback or comment on what other parameters you track for labor.