Hospitality industry is very advance in technology. Most of the big hotel names are providing Mobile apps for room booking, very advance Property Management Systems and integration with different peripherals with latest technologies (like credit card machines with chip readers, locks with key less entries). Hotel furniture and equipment are also upgraded as per latest trends and technology updates – like flat screen TVs, charging ports for guests, community tables. But, all these changes are led by Franchisers and mainly focused around Guest satisfaction and guest interfacing items.


When it comes to hotel operations, that part is still left to individual manager/owner and depends on individual how it is managed.  There are reports available in the property management systems, but the property managers are left to work mainly on their own. Many owners still use manual methods of maintaining paper reports, spread sheets. When the portfolio grows, it becomes more challenging to manage all the operations manually. Any overlook can result into overspending and penalties – for example, if the person assigned does not do bill reconciliation at the end of month, that is extra commission charged to hotel and money just lost. There is a need to have a technology update to automate routine tasks and to provide owners/managers with optimized approach to save time and focus on growth.


HelloGM® is our cloud-based software to help hoteliers and property management companies automate the day to day mundane tasks and focus on high growth areas.

  • Our goal is to automate tasks and provide insights.
    • Relying on system and automated processing than having dependencies on person
    • Optimizing hotel operations/costs and also provide tools to help increase revenue