All intelligence in one place

  • Compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) between your hotels
  • Analysis from all the hotels with different brands in same place
  • Provides intelligence so you can take better decisions
  • Business KPIs – revenue, ADR, occupancy, revPAR, cost per occupied rooms, cost as part of % of revenue, minutes per room sold, overtime hours, credit card charges % of revenue, charge backs, third party commissions %, and many more.

Hotel Dashboard

  • Current business summary, business comparison, forecast, guest sentiments and guest review scores
  • Guest folio reconciliations to identify issues with guest folios – adjustments, refunds, under sale, no show charges and many more scenarios
  • No need to print night audit reports – digitization of your morning paper work

Labor Analysis

  • Face recognition cloud based time clock, access anywhere, anytime. Seamless payroll integration
  • Track your labor statistics on daily basis without tedious data entries.
  • Track labor hours, costs, CPOR, cost as % of revenue, overtime hours, MPR for daily, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Check variance with your budget.
  • Compare between your hotels

Revenue Management

  • Increase revenue by effectively managing your rates
  • Automatic rate shopping with competitors multiple times a day
  • Alerts when competitor rate changes
  • Easily follow next 30 days forecast together with occupancy on mobile device
  • App available on ios and android devices


  • Guest Folio reconciliations, cash and cc deposit reconciliations, third party reconciliations, franchise bill reconciliation
  • Save hours of work for reconciling third party commissions
  • Average 100 rooms hotel saves at least $400-$500 by doing reconciliations for and
  • Identify delta in the OTA invoices/statements so you can fix those without going through all reservations
  • Identify chargeable cancellations for which money is not collected.Ensure free nights are credited properly.


  • Prepares and manages your business ledger automatically without entering any data.
  • Credit card and cash reconciliation with your bank deposits
  • Future pipeline features includes – Payroll, P&L, invoicing.

Guest Reviews

  • Identifies Key issues based on customer feedback analysis from different sites.
  • Our sentiment analysis shows you positive and negative reviews without need to study any reviews.
  • Clicking on any word shows latest related reviews for that category.
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